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Q: FAQ. Do I need socks?

A: Bare feet and shoes of any kind are not allowed in bonce area. Everyone, including mom and dad must wear socks on the inflatables. No exceptions.  If your kids do not have socks, we have them available for purchase at our check-in area.

This is a health, comfort, and safety issue that applies to everyone, no exceptions.

Q: FAQ. What is the age limit for my kid to play at Jumpin Jupiter?

A: Only kids 12 years-old and younger are permitted to play on the equipment. For the safety of your kids, we do not allow anyone over 12 years-old to bounce or play at Jumpin Jupiter.

Q: FAQ. Is outside food allowed at Jumpin Jupiter?

A: Food for your party maybe brought in or ordered from local pizza shops. All food must be kept in the party room area and are not allowed in the bounce area.

Q: FAQ. As an adult, can I play in the Jumpin Jupiter's play areas?

A: For the safety of your kids, we do not allow teenagers and adults to play on any the jumps, slides, and obstacle courses. You are welcome to assist kids 4 years-old and younger in the play areas, but you may not bounce or play.

Q: FAQ. Are there group or discount rates?

A: Yes, we offer group rates for daycares, religious organizations, moms group play dates, camps, school groups and other large parties. Please contact Jumpin Jupiter for more information.

Q: FAQ. Can we book a party at Jumpin Jupiter?

A: Yes, we have a Party Planner at Jumpin Jupiter who can assist you in booking your party.

Q: FAQ. Does Jumpin Jupiter have private party rooms?

A: Yes, your party will have its own private party room for serving pizza, ice cream and cake.

Q: FAQ. Can I bring my own decorations to my kid's party?


A: Yes, you are allowed to bring your own decorations. Please take home any decorations you bring to Jumpin Jupiter. Silly string, confetti, piñatas, and streamers are not allowed. An additional cleaning fee may be assessed for excessive clean up or damage.​​

Q: ​​FAQ​​​​. How do I reserve my kid's party at Jumpin Jupiter?

A A $100 deposit is required to place your reservation. No checks please. Deposits are non-refundable.

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